Activities Consulting, Process management, Computation & Dimensioning, Small series production

  • Material Engineering

    Through our background in natural science and engineering, we are able to serve our customers in the metalworking industry in the areas of material selection, development, and analysis.

  • Process engineering

    The manufacturing process determines the product properties. With the correct interaction of individual process steps

  • Computer Aided Engineering

    Due to the shortening of development cycles, the use of computer-based developments and simulations is becoming increasingly important.

  • Sensor Systems

    Modern sensor systems have become indispensable for material analysis and process control.

  • Small Series Production

    Often for special applications, only small quantities of rods and profiles are required.

  • Innovation Consulting

    In Germany, a country with limited raw material resources, innovations are essential for the competitiveness of companies and economic growth.


  • Process Engineering

    Process chain analysis and FMEA

    The process chain of a polymer-metal hybrid component used in cars has to be analyzed due to the possibility of unexpected...

  • Computer Aided Engineering

    Container heating for isothermal extrusion

    The container is the largest heated component during extrusion. Therefore, knowledge about the exact temperature distribution in...

  • Sensor systems

    Sensors for an exercise machine

    For the automated recording of training data on conventional fitness devices a combined force- sensor using DMS was developed...

  • Material Engineering

    Alloy selection for injectors

    A medical engineering company produces medical injectors by using machined aluminum rods. Because the injectors’ surfaces are...



    “The quality of our extruded material was increased by the systematic demonstration of the production parameters’ effects. Through further cooperation with the INGWERK GmbH we were able to select another qualified supplier for our extruded primary material.”

    Matthias Meissner

    Chief Operations Officer / General Manager HMDE, Haselmeier GmbH


    “We are considerably more efficient in designing and constructing casting ladles by using your developed and implemented tool for calculation of moment of force.”

    Christian Eckenbach

    Managing partner, Marx GmbH & Co. KG


    “Thanks to the professional support in the implementation of the numerical simulation for our extrusion container and to the professional training of our employees, we are able to use the FEM in the design and further development of the container and customer contact more profitably.”

    Werner Hähnel

    Head of Sales Tool Steel, Kind & Co., Edelstahlwerk, GmbH & Co. KG

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